11 Ways to Always Get the Cheapest Rental Car

It’s difficult to find affordable car rental rates. As a result of the almost total cessation of international travel by 2020, automobile rental firms were in a bind. And while taxpayers have bailed out airlines many times, they haven’t bailed out car rental companies. Which begs the question, how did rental companies stay in business? They dumped hundreds of thousands of automobiles in order to save money and stay put till tourism picked up again.

As a result, there are currently significantly fewer vehicles available through rental agencies. The current shortage of semiconductor chips has made it more difficult for government agencies to acquire replacement vehicles for their ageing fleets. There will be a rise in rental prices due to the shortage, especially in popular areas.

Budget Car Rental has long been known for offering affordable car rental services around the world. With more than 3,350 locations in over 120 countries and 1,650 U.S. truck rental locations, Budget continues to be an industry leader. For those looking for convenience and savings, Budget offers pre-payment and charge facilities to help control spending. Offering low prices since the beginning, Budget continues to provide value-conscious travellers with budget friendly options on their car rental needs.

Cheap car rental fundamentals

Here are some tips on how to locate the most affordable rental car—especially in the midst of the current carpocalypse—nearly anyplace you need to travel.

1. Start by using a car rental aggregator website

Initiate your investigation by visiting a preferred aggregation website. This allows you to quickly compare multiple automobile rental agencies and aggregators. To find car rental agencies that will let you return the vehicle to a different country from where you picked it up, use a filter on an OTA like Kayak, Hopper, or Priceline. Those of you who are younger than 25 can use a separate filter to find automobile rental agencies who are willing to work with you; however, be aware that many of these agencies charge a “underage driving fee” for their services.

2. When booking directly, always compare prices

Once you’ve gotten an overview of your alternatives on an aggregator website, don’t book anything until you’ve compared the prices listed there to the prices listed on the website of the rental vehicle company in question. There are various instances in which the official website offers a discount or a bargain that is exclusive to that location and is not made available anywhere else.

3. Check car rental rates on Budget

If you’re looking for affordable car rental options, Budget is the place to check! With their excellent selection of vehicles and rates that won’t break the bank, you can guarantee a pleasant road trip experience. Budget customer service team can help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs at amazing prices with even more great deals available online.

4. Always choose the least expensive budget car

You’ll receive the best deal if you reserve the least expensive car option, provided you don’t require anything larger for a large family party (or a 4WD for a winter vacation). Sometimes when you come at the rental counter to pick up your car, there won’t be any economy or subcompact cars available, but you’ll get an upgrade anyway—and you won’t have to pay for it. The worst-case scenario is that you get a cheap car, which is actually not that horrible (those cars cost less to refuel, after all).

5. Compare the costs of renting a car for a week, a day, or a weekend

There seems to be no pattern to when you may rent a car at the lowest price. Renting a car for the exact number of days you require it can save you money, but there are instances when renting for a whole week, even if you only need it for a few days, is the better deal. In other words, double-check both before making a reservation, and make sure there are no early-return penalties for the rental car.

Consider that weekend rentals are typically cheaper than weekday rentals because business travellers regularly rent automobiles and business excursions are typically scheduled during the week. Changing your travel dates such that you pick up and drop off your rental car on the weekend could save you money if you’re flexible.

6. Consider getting a car rental outside of the airport

There’s no denying the ease of picking up a rental automobile at the airport, but that convenience doesn’t come without a cost. Renting a car at an airport is almost usually more expensive than renting a car from a different location of the same company’s rental offices, with a few notable exceptions (such as large cities that aren’t suitable for driving in anyhow). To determine which option is more cost-effective, examine each company’s rental prices and additional costs (as well as the time and money needed to reach the company’s off-airport office).

7. Don’t upgrade

During the process of making your reservation, you will be presented with the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle. In addition, there are a variety of other extras and add-ons from which you can select, all of which will incur additional costs. Pay attention to what is being provided, and if you can get away with it, just decline it.

8. Refuse to purchase rental car insurance

Do your research before checking the box agreeing to the car rental company’s insurance policy. Check your credit card policies to determine if you already have the necessary insurance coverage for a car rental if you want to use that card to pay for the rental. Make sure your personal auto insurance covers rental automobiles if you’re driving within your home nation.

9. Keep to one driver

The rental fee covers one driver’s expenses. Every rental car service will allow you to add a second (or more) driver to your reservation, but they will likely charge you a small daily fee for doing so. One driver can save money, provided that it is practical and safe to have just one person in control of the trip. (Assign someone else to handle transportation details including route planning, parking, and toll calculation.)

10. Acquire a manual transmission (if you can drive it)

A lot of places across the world charge more for, and have a smaller selection of, rental automobiles with automatic transmissions. You can save a lot of money in some countries if you know how to drive a stick shift. (But don’t try learning to drive a stick shift in a rental car if you have no experience with it.)

11. Pay for your rental car up front

If you pay for the rental car when you make the reservation rather than when you pick up the vehicle, there are some car rental businesses that will give you a discount. Although this isn’t always the case, you should definitely look into it because the possible savings might be as high as one-third of the entire cost.

Why Choose Budget?

Budget Car Rental is an internationally renowned name in the car rental business, with thousands of locations as far-reaching as 120 different countries. Their philosophy of putting value first rings true today as improvements such as pre-payment options and charge facilities make it easier than ever to stick to a budget while travelling. What sets Budget apart from the competition is their commitment to providing travelers around the world with great deals, unbeatable customer service, and a large selection of vehicles. With their 1,650 location wide U.S truck rental business, they are truly a one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs. If you’re looking for reliability and quality at a fraction of the price then look no further than Budget Car Rental.

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