Detailed Information Regarding Roof Windows

Everything you need to know about Roof Windows

What are roof windows?

Roof windows, which are often referred to as skylights or roof lights, are windows that are built into the architecture of a roof with the intention of allowing natural light to enter a structure. The majority of roof windows open outward, but some are constructed such that they cannot be opened. This is because their sole function is to let natural light shine through the roof rather than to let natural air pass through it. It is possible to put roof windows in a home either during the initial construction phase or at a later time.

Why should I install a roof window?

During the day, roof windows can let in natural light and make the most of the space’s ceiling’s height. This is especially helpful for hallways and rooms that aren’t located near an exterior wall and hence don’t have any windows.

A study titled “Impact of Windows and Daylight Exposure on Overall Health and Sleep Quality of Office Workers” found that employees working in windowless offices had lower ratings of their subjective well-being and sleep quality. Employees whose desks faced windows got more natural light during the workday, leading to increased exercise and shorter nap times.

It’s reasonable to assume that their enhanced vigour and focus would improve the quality of the task they were capable of doing. This may also apply to homes that have better access to natural light. It would also help the people living there have a better night’s rest and lead healthier lives.

If the roof window can be opened, it will provide fresh air into the building. Every structure needs proper ventilation to keep the air clean and dry. If you open the windows, you can let fresh air into the building, which can help eliminate unpleasant odours and make you feel more at ease overall.

Sound transmission into and out of a building can be dampened by installing a triple-glazed roof dome that completely encloses the interior space. This is because more mass is contained within the window due to the increased thickness of the glass, resulting in less sound transmission.

When compared to single or double glazing, triple glazed roof windows provide significantly more insulation, hence reducing heating and cooling costs. Single, double, and triple skin roof domes are all available in the Galaxy collection from STORM Building Products.

The design and appearance of the structure or the neighbourhood in which the building is located may dictate the kind of windows that can be used. A roof window can be installed in place of a standard window in this situation, and it is permitted by local codes. Feel free to ask us for clarification if you need it.

Even though they serve a functional purpose, roof windows are also a great design element that can raise the market value of a home.

Three Types of Roof Windows

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