The Five Best Activities in Bali

Among the most popular tourist destinations, Bali in Indonesia is a no-brainer.

Bali is a traveler’s paradise, with picture-perfect beaches, one-of-a-kind attractions like the monkey forest in Ubud, a thriving culture, luxurious hotels, and jaw-dropping sights around every corner.

Everyone can find what they’re looking for in this vibrant city, whether it’s a spa weekend, a surf trip, a visit to an ancient Hindu temple, a stroll through a picturesque neighborhood, or a hike through the woods.

Check out our Bali travel guide for the best things to do if you’ve just arrived in paradise or are debating whether or not to go there.


Tanah Lot, which literally means “Land in the Sea,” is the most peaceful of all Bali’s temples, despite its smaller size and less spectacular architecture.

The shape of Pura Tanah is one of Bali’s most recognizable landmarks. Envision a Balinese temple perched high on a boulder overlooking the azure sea. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this temple because it is situated in a picture-perfect setting with waves lapping at its feet and a brilliant sky above.

Known as Tabanan Temple, it is located about 30 kilometers from Denpasar and was constructed in the 16th century by Dang Nirartha, a revered Balinese holy man. From that time on, this temple has served as a major destination for religious tourists.

Seeing Tanah Lot during Odalan is the best way to get a feel for Bali’s culture and history. Every 210 days this event is celebrated.

On non-holidays, however, you can easily while away the hours at any of the many restaurants or stalls selling everything from delicious food to interesting trinkets.


What better way to relax than to go to a beach and enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the sand, and the book you’ve been meaning to read for years?

In the evenings, Sanur Beach welcomes you with delectable cocktails, exciting surfing, some fun water sports, and award-winning beach huts to spend the night in. Get the most out of your vacation by stocking up on sunscreen, stowing your swimwear, and creating a playlist of your favorite songs.

This beach can be found in the Sanur district of Bali, which is southeast of the popular Kuta district. This beach is conveniently located less than 10 miles from the International Airport, and there is no fee to visit at any time.


Avoiding the “Eat, Pray, Love” cliche, it is essential to seek out the services of an ancestral healer while in Bali. The popularity of healers can be attributed in large part to the growing interest in alternative approaches to health and medicine.

This group of local healers can do miracles, rejuvenating body and soul with prayers to the gods, herbal remedies, and massages. A healing modality is a good place to start, but before you try one out, make sure you’re in the right frame of mind.


When you first arrive in Bali, one of the most striking things you’ll see is the overwhelming number of scooters. As you stand idly in the road, they whirl and buzz around you. Everyone on the island, from schoolchildren in uniforms to businesswomen in high heels to families of three or four, rides a scooter or motorcycle, and you should, too.

Scooters are the best mode of transportation for getting around the island quickly, and you can find someone willing to lend or rent you a dependable two-wheeler almost anywhere. Available for daily or weekly rental at a low cost (as little as $4 per day).

Wear a helmet and wait to start riding until you’re confident enough to handle the road’s hidden potholes and bumps.


Bali’s favorable location makes it an attractive fishing hub. Anglers travel from far and wide to visit these shores, where they can deepen their connection to the marine world.

All the tools you need for a productive fishing trip are at your disposal, from high-tech fishing vessels to traditional wooden Jukungs. Professional fishermen can also set up supervised fishing trips for catching larger fish. Black Pearl on Jimbaran Bay, as well as charters in Nusa Dua and Denpasar, are among the best in the area.

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