When should work gloves be used?

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Construction materials provider Travis Perkins is a division of Travis Perkins plc, the largest such company in the United Kingdom. Offering thousands of items and materials, as well as a hire service, to contractors and do-it-yourselfers around the country from a network of over 500 convenient locations. They provide the essentials for the trade, including high-quality lumber, building supplies, kitchens, plumbing and heating, landscaping, painting and decorating essentials, and tools.

Why do you wear work gloves?

When working in the construction industry, it is important to wear gloves to protect your hands from hazards such as cuts, abrasions, chemicals, and even electrical shock.

Travis Perkins – Work Gloves

DeWalt Rigger Gloves One Size

DeWalt Rigger Gloves One Size are the perfect choice for the do-it-yourselfer. These gloves provide a secure and comfortable fit, along with full shielding protection from dirt, asphalt, nails and other hazardous materials. This secure fit allows users to have an optimal grip while they’re wearing them, even in wet and slippery conditions. The highly durable neoprene knuckles and palm pads also provide extra cushioning and breathability on longer jobs. With this combination of secure fit and dependable protection, you’ll be able to satisfy your rigorous demands no matter what job you’re doing.

Wonder Grip Thermo Plus Gloves Large Size 10

Wonder Grip Thermo Plus gloves protect your hands while allowing you to stay agile and organized. With a 15 gauge seamless shell, you can be assured that your hands are fully protected from cold weather and materials while allowing you to perform with precision. The ergonomic design uses a special cut that enhances grip performance and fit around the natural shape of the hand. When shopping for work gloves, it’s important to find the right size; therefore, these Wonder Grip gloves come in large sizes so everyone can enjoy their warmth and comfortability. Not only do these Wonder Grip Thermo Plus gloves guarantee extra protection for your hands, but also ensure maximum dexterity and durability when performing all of your tasks!

Armour Up Latex Builder Grip Gloves Large

Get the job done quickly and easily with Armour Up Latex Builder Grip Gloves. Use them when tackling any hard wearing jobs, such as drywall and framing, to ensure a grip on any surface thanks to their advanced latex construction. These gloves come in a generous large size, so you’ll stay comfortable while receiving all of the protection that these gloves provide. Feel secure when faced with rigorous work knowing that you have Armor Up Latex Builder Grip Gloves on your side!

Why Shop From Travis Perkins?

Travis Perkins is a trusted name in the building and home improvement sector, offering the highest quality materials and tools. With exclusive brands, guidance from experienced professionals and superior customer service, Travis Perkins is an ideal choice for those looking to kick-start either a home project or construction job. And if you need advice but don’t know what product would best suit your needs, their knowledgeable staff will be happy to offer tailored support – from residential small scale projects to larger commercial builds. All this comes with the speed and convenience of ordering online or in store, plus competitive prices for those on a budget. Shop with Travis Perkins for top quality products that won’t break the bank!

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