The European Kingdom of Sweden borders Finland and Norway on the Scandinavian Peninsula. The capital of the country, the city of Stockholm, is located on 14 islands and impresses with its elegant architecture and modern style. The nature of Sweden is beautiful and sometimes harsh – southern green fields and western wooded cliffs border on the tundra of Lapland. Numerous blue lakes and dense forests attract tourists from all over the world with their pristine beauty and the possibility of active tourism. Discover this amazing Scandinavian country for yourself. The climate of Sweden is temperate, maritime. Summer is not hot with temperatures up to +22 degrees. Winter temperatures do not drop below -16 degrees. More precipitation will fall in the mountainous regions (1500-2000 mm per year) than in the plains (500-700 mm per year).

Places that are recommended to visit:



The capital of Scandinavia is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Stockholm offers a perfect combination of ancient history and tradition, magnificent landscapes, progressiveness and modern conveniences together with a lot of charm. In fact, there is no big city that has more green spaces than Stockholm. If you like the outdoors, you might want to spend the morning exploring the many parks by bicycle and the afternoon cruising the sea by kayak. 


Swedish Lapland

Lapland, which is spread across Sweden as well as Norway and Finland, is considered by many to be the last true wilderness area in Europe. In this land of the north, the sun and northern lights (from mid-autumn to early spring) are definitely for adventure. Kiruna is one of its more popular destinations, where visitors can meet Sami and their reindeer herds, as well as explore a remote and stunning wilderness filled with countless lakes. 


Stockholm archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is one of the most outstanding regions of Sweden. It consists of more than 30,000 islands, islets and squares. Accessible to central Stockholm all year round via historic white boats, some of which date back centuries and are still steam-powered but well preserved, visitors can make a short excursion of a few hours, to a full-day trip or longer, with an overnight stay.



The first national marine park in the country can be found on the picturesque, vehicle-free Koster Islands. Just a two-hour drive from Gothenburg, and you can take a seal safari, go kayaking, just diving or simply enjoy some of the most pristine beaches on the planet. If you book a lobster package, you’ll get to join the crew on a guided Lobster Safari conducted by skilled professional fishermen and upon your return, of course, you’ll get to dine on your nice catch.



Lund is ideal for history buffs, and its cobblestone centre features interesting, attractive and at times quite quirky architecture, as well as museums focusing on everything from weapons and old runes to modern art. Lund Cathedral is one of the most visited places in the region, and you’ll understand why when you stand in front of the imposing Roman cathedral, its mighty twin towers rising above the rooftops of central Lund.



This protected paradise is known for experiencing the best weather in Sweden, as well as beautiful sandy beaches and dense forests that are ideal for cycling and hiking. There are also an abundance of sparkling lakes, bizarre rock formations, spectacular caves with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as beautiful gardens.



Malmö is a multicultural city full of excitement and energy. Located near the Oresund Bridge from the Danish capital and part of Denmark until the 17th century, it has long been overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, but it has much to offer on its own, including many outstanding cultural offerings like the new Moderna Museet Malmö. Sweden’s third largest city is quite small, but it is big in organic, fair trade products from fashion to cuisine.



Marstrand is the Swiss version of Hollywood. The popular celebrity playground boasts a colorful collection of wooden holiday homes. The picturesque island is the annual base for the Marstrand Regatta, the Match Cup of Sweden and other major sailing championships, and it has a large harbour for guests, many outstanding shops and a nightlife with entertainment for all.



This regional centre is in Norrbotten, which is in the north of Sweden. You can learn about life in the north at Norrbotten’s Museum, enjoy free exhibitions at Kulturens Hus, featuring the work of Swedish artists and designers, find the perfect place to stay at one of the many award-winning hotels and embark on Arctic adventures all year round, in the wilderness areas of the vast archipelago where kayaking, sailing and kite surfing are popular. 

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