Unlike other European capitals, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is one of the most attractive cities in the world for tourists. This city on 14 islands between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea combines urban amenities with closeness to nature, it is called the “Venice of the North”, however, like our St. Petersburg. Stockholm is an amazingly beautiful and livable city where great importance is placed on its citizens’ quality of life and the environment’s protection. There are no heavy industry enterprises here, which positively affects the environment.

The Swedish capital is approaching its 770th anniversary, it has a rich history and many attractions, but the main attraction is the city itself, with its wide streets and squares, canals and ponds, green parks and squares. In summer, when the sparkling northern sun hardly sets below the horizon and is reflected in the water surface, the city seems almost Mediterranean, only more relaxed and calm. When the weather is fine, people fill the many outdoor cafes, parks and squares and parks that welcome you to relax, play and listen to music.

Stockholm strikes with its contrasts: it is an old city that looks like new, and no part of the city is like another; historic pubs and cafes side by side with modern upscale bars and restaurants. Here, new trends in design and fashion, new technologies and constructive solutions are born, which then spread around the world.

Stockholm is the residence of the Swedish monarchs, here is the only Royal Palace in the world, which is available for visiting at any time. For more than a century and a half, the country has stood aloof from world wars, which is why nothing prevented its capital from turning into one of the most beautiful, modern and culturally diverse cities in the world. No wonder that in 1998 Stockholm was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture. Theaters, museums and exhibitions in Stockholm have become a role model far beyond the Scandinavian countries. Any visit to a museum or exhibition here will be an unforgettable event not only for adults, but also for children.

People of all ages find interesting things for themselves in Stockholm. One day is not enough to get to know him, but this is quite enough to fall in love with this northern city forever. Let’s see what the friendly Swedish capital can offer tourists.

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