What is the Use of a Globe | Different Types of Globes

Stanford‘s selection of world globes offers something for everyone. Whether you want to explore a traditional antique-style sphere, or a modern and innovative globe design, Stanfords has it all. Not only can shoppers select from different sizes, but they may also choose between raised-relief, floor-standing, illuminated or even huggable and inflatable beach ball globes if desired. Stanfords impressive catalogue includes just about any type of globe imaginable, making it the ideal place to shop for your next wonderous piece of decor!


What is a Globe?

A globe is a 3-dimensional, spherical representation of the planet Earth. It is an incredibly accurate representation of earth’s vast oceans and nearly 200 countries which are accurately depicted on its surface in stunning detail. This stunning combination of accuracy and craftsmanship makes globes one of the most popular items for people to display as decoration in their homes or offices. The continuous reminder of Earth’s many wonders is something that can bring a sense of wonder to anyone who comes across it, no matter where they’re from or what their background may be. Whether you decide to use your globe as decoration or to teach yourself about parts of the world you’ve never been to before, a quality globe can serve many purposes.

What is the Purpose of a Globe?

The globe is an iconic and essential tool that can be found in classrooms, offices, and libraries across the world. It is a spherical model of the Earth and serves as an educational aid to learn more about our planet. Through visualizing the earth’s topography, including its mountain ranges, oceans, rivers, and landforms, globes help to teach us geography in a memorable way. They can also show national boundaries, human settlements, deserts, forests, plant life and other features with their varying colors. Essentially, globes are useful tools to understand what distances look like- they provide users with a limitless view of our home from space. In essence, if we want to unlock the secrets of our world and identify locations on a map relatively quickly – the globe is definitely for us!

What are the Different Types of Globes?

There are several different types of globes that are used for different purposes:

  1. Physical globes: These globes show the physical features of the Earth, such as mountains, valleys, and oceans. They often include topographic or bathymetric shading to show the relief of the land or ocean floor.
  2. Political globes: These globes show the boundaries of countries, states, and other political divisions. They also often show the locations of cities and other geographical features.
  3. Celestial globes: These globes show the positions of celestial bodies, such as the stars and planets, in the night sky. They are used by astronomers and other scientists to study the universe.
  4. Antique globes: These globes are old, often hand-crafted, and can be made of a variety of materials, such as paper, wood, or metal. They are often sought after by collectors and are often valuable due to their age and rarity.
  5. Desktop globes: These are small, portable globes that are often used as decorative items or as educational tools in classrooms or offices.
  6. Giant globes: These are larger than life-size globes that are often displayed in museums or other public places as educational exhibits.
  7. Digital globes: These are electronic or digital representations of the Earth or other celestial bodies that can be viewed on a computer or other device. They often include interactive features and can be updated with the latest data.

Globes at Stanfords

When looking for a Globe to make a statement in your home, the choices are endless at Stanfords. Not only can you pick up an illuminated globe that lights up any room, but you can also choose one with art deco designs suitable for a library centerpiece or one with a vintage aesthetic that could adorn a mantle. For those seeking something special, they offer exclusive globes with intricate hand-painted reliefs. These topographic globes are designed to insistently call attention to their intricate details, offering the added luxury of having been crafted by hand. All of these options and more will make any search for the perfect globe both rewarding and unforgettable!


Illuminated Globes

Stanfords, a renowned shop for maps, travel books and travel accessories, offers exquisite illuminated globes that are sure to amaze you. Constructed from high-quality materials to guarantee durability and longevity, every globe features intricate details and breathtaking designs which make them true works of art. The globes come in an array of gorgeous styles, sizes and effects which can be used for all kinds of purposes; from gift decoration, home decors or as display pieces meant to captivate the audience. These illuminated globes are the perfect addition to any home; they will not only provide illumination but also offer visual appeal. Make your home look amazing with Stanfords’ exquisite collection of illuminated globes today!


Bar Globes

At Stanfords, You can purchase an exquisite bar globe of the world! These detailed replicas are beautifully crafted with vibrant colors and rich textures, creating a work of art that is as dazzling as it is educational. What’s more, you have the choice between choosing a globe that rotates on its axis or one that simply rests for decoration. Perfect for any home bar, these bar globes make the perfect conversation piece and give you and your guests the opportunity to explore the world without ever having to leave the house!


Reproduction Globes

Stanfords offers an incredible selection of reproduction globes crafted with the utmost attention to detail and authenticity. These globes are not only visually stunning, but also contain a wealth of information about the world’s geography, history, and culture on their surface. Whether you’re looking for a modern-day version depicting current borders or an antique style that hearkens back to bygone eras, Stanfords has you covered. Their low prices are designed to make purchasing a reproduction globe accessible for all kinds of budgets, making them the perfect gift for anyone interested in the world around them!


Inflatable Globes

Want an interactive way to introduce geography and cultures to your children or students? Stanfords offers a wide selection of quality inflatable globes that are sure to give any lesson a fun twist. Perfect for use in the classroom or at home, these colorful globes have detailed maps that provide a great visual reference for learning about the world around us. Not only will kids find it exciting to watch the globe rapidly inflate, but adults can also enjoy presenting information with such an interactive prop! So don’t miss out on this great opportunity – check out today and get your own inflatable globe!


Children’s Globes

If you’re planning to start homeschooling your children, or simply want to introduce them to the vastness of the world, then Stanfords are there to help. They have a range of stunning children’s globes that not only look amazing but also make for excellent educational tools. Crafted with vibrant colours and designs, these globes are perfect for captivating your child’s imagination and giving them a better understanding of geography and its importance. So if you’re looking for something fun and educational to show your child the world, then look no further than’s range of enchanting children’s globes!


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