Norway is a country of fjords, deer and northern lights. There are long winters and short summers. But this does not scare away those who want to get acquainted with a real fairy tale. The harsh region is full of stories about the Vikings, and winter holidays are held here on a special scale. The Scandinavian romance of the Kingdom of Norway will appeal to anyone who wants to feel like a hero and an explorer. And, of course, do not forget about the really warm hospitality and cordiality of this ice kingdom.

Places that are recommended to visit:

  1. Geiranger

This fjord is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Everyone who comes to Norway must visit it!


  1. Nigardsbreen Glacier

One of the most accessible glaciers in the world! It is part of the Jostedal Glacier – the largest glacier in continental Europe.


  1. Lyse Fjord

One of the coolest photo spots among photographers in Norway. Lysefjord is also quite a popular tourist destination, so you should definitely visit it.


  1. Femunnsmark

The wild national park, near the border with Sweden. It is a land of swamps, lakes, musk oxen, deer and falcons.


  1. Hardangerfjord

The third longest fjord in the world. It is best seen in spring when everything begins to bloom. In addition, this region is also home to several beautiful waterfalls and glaciers, Hardangerjøkulen.


  1. Jotunheimen National Park

On the territory of Jotunheimen, there are 250 mountains, each of which is higher than 1900 meters – an incredible place called the “Home of Giants”.


  1. Lofoten Islands

An archipelago with charming villages, incredible bays, flower-covered meadows and high mountains.


  1. Ramberg

An incredible plateau located on the Lofoten Islands.


  1. Troll’s tongue

“Troll’s Tongue” is located on the north side of the lake Ringedalsvatnet. Just perfect for a photo shoot.


  1. Noor Fjord

Stunning, the sixth largest fjord in the world (106 km), located between the cities of Bergen and Trondheim.


  1. Svalbard

This is just a paradise for polar bears. A popular place visited by two cross-country routes: Fred Olsen and Hurtigruten.


  1. Hardangervidda

Photo from the train window. The Oslo-Bergen route is probably the most beautiful railway route in the world.


  1. Sogne Fjord

The largest fjord in Norway (204 km) and the second in the world after Greenland Skorsby (350 km).


  1. Kjeragbolten

Again an ideal place for a photo – a boulder that is stuck in the mountain Kjerag over a cliff of 984 meters. Also quite a popular place for base jumping.


  1. Hornindalsvatnet

The deepest lake in Europe – 514m.


  1. Aalesund

The city is located on several islands with unsurpassed views.


  1. Junkerdal National Park

Another national park in Norway (44 in total). Junkerdal is known for its diversity in flora.


  1. Karmei

Region of sandy beaches and fishing villages.


  1. Vogsey

The island, which has three beautiful lighthouses, is now working as hotels (Hendanes, Kråkenes and Skogsnes). The neighbouring peninsula is one of the coldest places in the world for surfing. Yes, that’s right, there is surfing in Norway!


  1. Atlantic road

A highway with original construction passes through small islands and connects the cities of Molde and Kristiansund. On this highway, there is a bridge that seems to lead to infinity.


  1. Troll stairs, Norway

This road with a great name is located in the Romsdal valley on the slopes of three giant mountains: King, Queen and Bishop. The troll road is quite dangerous. In some places, it is very narrow and has no protective barriers, and has 11 cliffs. There is a picturesque area on both sides, but you have to be very careful and cautious while driving in order not to fall into the abyss!

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