Spain is a country for endless travel, exploring something new and getting acquainted with the world’s culture. Here you can enjoy the vivid landscapes and inspiring architecture and feel all the energy and taste of life. Everyone should visit here at least once. If you are one of those people who decided to go to Spain, then you need to know the most amazing and unforgettable places where you will get a lot of emotions and enjoyment of life.

Places that are recommended to visit:

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a religious city with a rich history. Sometimes it is called the Spanish Mecca because of the many pilgrims. They visit the Cathedral of St. James – the most massive building in the city. In general, the city is saturated with the Middle Ages atmosphere and walking around it, you will feel immersed in this era of beautiful palaces and churches.



Bilbao – actively developing and growing richer as a city. It is the industrial centre of Spain, where there is a place for tourism. In Bilbao, tourism is growing thanks to the Guggenheim Museum rapidly. This is a natural architectural creation that must be seen while in Spain. Bilbao is increasing in size, which makes it a favourable city for tourism.


San Sebastian

San Sebastian was built in a bay on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. It is the most popular resort in Spain. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and local cuisine.



Toledo is a treasure trove of Spanish history. It was built on a high mountain in the centre of Spain. There are a large number of monuments of the Roman Empire, as well as a large, gloomy fortress Alcazar. Previously, Toledo was inhabited by three cultures: Jews, Christians, and Muslims – so it is called the “city of three cultures”.



This city is known for its favourable climate, the friendliness of the local population, and inextinguishable holidays and fairs. Valencia is quite an extensive city, which has many museums and various cultural institutions. It is recommended to visit the oceanographic centre in Valencia. Here is collected almost all flora and fauna that exist on earth. Every day in, the oceanographic centre holds different kinds of shows.



A mixture of commerce, music, architecture and painting – this is Barcelona. It is a city with continuous movement. Life here never stops, and at night the city is as active as during the day. Barcelona has the most luxurious and beautiful beaches, equipped with cafes and bars where you can relax after a hot day by the sea. The city itself has the most famous shops in Spain, where you can buy stylish and quality clothes. It is also worth visiting the oceanarium, which has unusual creatures of the underwater world.



The Phoenicians founded Cordoba, but later the Romans captured it. For them, it became the leading seaport. During the entire existence of this city, numerous baths, houses, hotels, and shops of traders and craftsmen were built in it. Cordoba is known for its Roman bridge, located on the Guadalquivir River. On the south side of the bridge was built the fortress of Calahorra – the oldest fort in Cordoba. This is not a very popular city with tourists, but it is worth paying attention to. Many exciting places help to feel Spanish life’s whole culture and peculiarities.



Madrid is the heart of Spain, which will appeal to people of any age. The city lives a calm and moderate life during the day, and the celebration and fun begin at night. Night Madrid is a place that will not make you bored. Many bars, nightclubs and restaurants are waiting for you. Madrid is the capital of nightlife, where entertainment lovers come from around the world. But Madrid is not limited to this, because there are many architectural and cultural attractions. Even just walking around Madrid you can learn a lot about the culture of Spain.



Visiting Granada, you will get acquainted with the traditions and culture of Spain and see many palaces and masterpieces of Spanish architecture. In Granada, there is a summer palace of the Sultan – Generalife, where you should go. You can also get to the annual dance and music festivals.



Seville is a city for tourists where you can find many nightclubs, dances and festivals. It is considered the most hospitable city in the world. In Seville are bullfights in the Plaza de Toros Maestranza – the largest arena in Spain. Here is the Great Cathedral of Seville, where Christopher Columbus is buried.

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